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You are now on a traffic exchange site that is built to give you free advertising and then business email leads are given to you via prize page or bonus page. A prize page or bonus page is a page that you can view or have access to when you reach certain specific number of pages, for example; when you reach a random 50 pages views they will appear.

What is a Traffic Exchange?

A traffic exchange is a service that allows webmasters to exchange traffic with other webmasters. This is typically done by displaying each other's banners or links on their websites. The idea behind a traffic exchange is that each participating website will be able to gain more visitors by displaying ads for other sites, while also allowing other sites to display ads for them. Some traffic exchanges also offer other features such as the ability to purchase targeted traffic, or to earn rewards for referring other webmasters to the service. (Source: Don't worry since all pages are checked by our highly-sophisticated Surfing Guard that checks every pages for malicious site codes and bans them if they contain such codes.

Why Should I Join LeadSurf?

LeadSurf is living up to it's name since it's launched on January 12, 2022. It provides business leads that you can reach out to by emailing them. It also has membership that are either traffic exchange owner, member, business-minded person, business opportunity seekers and lots of work-at-home entrepreneurs that are looking for more ways to earn money. Do you know the very simple marketing rule? It takes an average person to see a product or an item in seven times or more. This is what Lead Surf is good at. It provides repetitive views to what you can offer people online.

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Lead Surf : Every Surf Gives You Leads is a powerful advertising service that can bring visitors from around the world to your web site. Lead Surf : Every Surf Gives You Leads is a traffic exchange that is free to join.
When you join you agree to view some pages in exchange of your pages being viewed by another member.

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Lead Surf : Every Surf Gives You Leads uses the latest web technologies to bring a steady stream of traffic to your web site. It's fast, easy, and free.

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